System Development

These are designs for the next generation LFMS Device. The device will be more portable, secure, and user friendly – suitable for collaborating sites. Future coils will be matched to anatomy and will require less power.

LFMS Coil Design

The LFMS2 coil is smaller and will allow a more portable system that requires less power. Future coil designs are being pursued to produce lower power, more portable coils with specific anatomic targets. These design efforts will use the imaging methods to accelerate the design validation process.


LFMS Controller

The current investigational LFMS device does not have the capability to perform the full range of parameter variation required for the optimization studies that are planned. In this project a microprocessor-based controller will be designed and fabricated that will allow variation of the treatment parameters. The new controller will also provide improved error detection and confirmation of successful operation, multiple study management and subject management, and will be encrypted to ensure double blinding. This device will be designed for placement in collaborating institutions, and will be submitted to the FDA for review.


 LFMS prototype controller